"Sam helped to finalize our house plans and was given the task of building our home. During construction of the house, it was obvious that he took pride in his work for quality workmanship was there in every phase of construction."
Edwin Prange

"I can heartily recommend Sam Giannola not only because of the quality construction that went into our house, but the manner in which it was completed."
Tim Collins

"In my dealings with Mr. Giannola, I have always found him to be a man of sound manner; a person I could trust, and a person of integrity. He is a person with a nice personality, commanding respect from his peers and fellow workers, enabling him to work well with people. In my lifetime I have come in contact with hundreds of construction contractors, and to me, Sam Giannola is of exceptional quality and ability."
Ralph Hugget

"[His] attention to detail, quality, and doing what was required to make us happy during the entire construction period is greatly appreciated."
Robert P. McGovern, M.D.

"I hold Mr. Giannola in the highest regard. His character is above reproach and his sincerity can be attested to by many. I take particular pride in referring Sam to anyone seeking his expertise in the area of building construction."
R. Keith Lane

"I have no hesitancy in commending him as being an excellent choice for a building contractor."
H.T. Aldhizer III